Laser & BBL Treatments

Laser Hair Reduction

Our Sciton Profile laser selectively targets your hair follicles and heats them with infrared energy. Unlike other processes, our laser beam treats many hairs at once, making treatment of large areas practical and more comfortable. Our laser employs a unique computer-guided scanning system that automates the treatment, ensuring that your skin is rapidly and evenly treated. 

The computer sets the parameters and places the beam in an optimum pattern for your skin to ensure a safe, fast, effective and gentle treatment.   Permanent laser hair reduction may take up to 6 treatments and is done in intervals of 6-8 weeks.  Laser Hair Reduction is safe and effective for all skin types.

NOTE: Do not tan, use self tanners, or spray tanning before having laser treatments.  Tanning of any sort can lead to burning and increased pigmentation.  Please contact us with questions. 


The Sciton BBL treatment is one of the most advanced Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Systems available on the market.  This treatment is often referred to as IPL, Photo-rejuvenation or as the "Photofacial."  Our "Photofacial" is a very safe treatment that can lift irregular spots of pigment or discoloration over 5-14 days, depending on the area treated.  The texture of your skin will also be improved, yielding younger and fresher looking skin.  

BBL treatments are ideal for brown spots, age spots, red spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, redness, flushing, acne, Rosacea, and facial spider veins.

Click HERE to learn about Forever Young BBL by Sciton.  Two BBL services in one year will keep you "forever young" by slowing down aging and rejuvenating your skin.  Make sure you take a look at the before and after pictures, too! 

Click HERE for even more info!

NOTE: Do not tan, use self tanners, or spray tanning before having laser treatments.  Tanning of any sort can lead to burning and increased pigmentation.  Please contact us with questions. 

Laser Vein Treatment

Our vascular laser treatments, using the Sciton Profile laser, can eliminate or improve the appearance of unsightly veins, telangiectasia, rosacea & redness.  All skin areas can be treated.  Popular areas for laser vein treatments are the face, neck, chest, and legs.   


SkinTyte is an exciting new technology that is perfect for those who wish to tighten and firm up their skin, with virtually no down-time. Our board-certified technician uses a pulsed infrared light source to heat deep dermal tissue, while sparing the epidermis through continuous cooling. The result is collagen stimulation that leads to younger looking and tighter skin.

With SkinTyte there is minimal discomfort and minimal redness. In some cases, tighter skin can be seen after just one treatment, although a package of 3 to 4 treatments is recommended for best results.

Please Note

Please disclose all medical conditions and oral/topical medications that you are taking.  You are not eligible for laser services while pregnant or nursing.  There are no scientific studies related to the impact on pregnancy by laser services.  Certain skin types may not be treatable with laser, so consultations are necessary so that staff is able to assess your skin in person.  All prices given over the phone or by reception staff are estimates and subject to change upon a consultation with the RN and/or aesthetician.     

When you come in for your laser treatment, please be prepared to avoid any exercise that would cause you to beak a sweat for up to 72 hours.  Your aesthetician will discuss this further in your consultation. 

Please be wary of laser clinics that promise 100% hair removal.  Nothing in the medical field can be 100% guaranteed.  You need the hair follicles and sebaceous glands to keep our skin nice and thick.  Laser hair reduction will put your follicle into a dormant stage.  Hormone changes, such as pregnancy and menopause will fluctuate how your hair grows.  The hair that grows after your full treatment cycle will be thinner, lighter and blonder.  You will notice a difference in the appearance and texture in your skin.  Laser hair reduction will not kill the follicle.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions!